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Firstly, I just want to say for the record: I love my brother and I’m pretty sure he loves me. But that’s never stopped us from a little healthy competition.

If you asked our father, he’d say we could “turn an ant on a log into a bet of some kind.” He’s probably right, too. But when I heard my brother was looking for a new SUV around the same time I was, I couldn’t help but make a suggestion along with a little wager.

The Stakes = Steaks

We knew what the cost of losing would be right out of the gates: to the victor goes a steak dinner. One or both of us may have said, “This one’s for all the marbling,” as we solidified our pact. I almost feel the need to apologize for that pun, but my brother and I are proud and stubborn punsters.

Whosoever purchased the better SUV would take the day, but we needed a few more ground rules to even the playing field. My brother and I make about the same money and have about the same sized family. With two kids and another on the way, he figured it was time to trade up, and so did I. My old pick-up had become a little grungy, and I was looking for something a bit more family-friendly.

Two men looking for two different luxury SUVs.

The most important criterium was cost. Neither of us could spend too much more than the other. We settled for around $40,000 and went our separate ways. A month later, we reconvened to compare.

My brother chose a 2018 Lexus RX 350, the predictable choice. His lack of imagination is nothing if not expected.

I, on the other hand, with the knowledge older brothers typically possess, chose the superior option: the 2018 INFINITI QX60.

Brass Tacks

At first, running down our notes to compare and contrast, we thought a winner might never be decided. We even went over the MSRP limit to about the same degree, his Lexus weighing in at $43,270 while my INFINITI settled in at $43,300-a difference of $30 exactly. While $30 may buy one delicious steak, it certainly didn’t tip the balance in either his favor or mine.

Then we ran down the specs rapid-fire: same 295-horespower, same sized 3.5L V6. They even had the same 27mpg highway rating. For a while, our hopes of finding an obvious winner looked rather bleak.

But, as we continued trading specs and even exchanged our rides for a day, the victor became clear.

Pulling Away

My brother and I both like to fish. We take turns with Dad’s old boat on the weekends and even split the cost of storing it at a little lot between his neighborhood and mine. During the warmer months, things can get a little confusing if one of us turns up to grab the boat only to find it missing. Worse still, we might pull in to get it at the same time after realizing we “neglected” to mention it to the other.

Either way, whoever gets to it first has to tow it to the lake. As you might guess, that’s going to be a bit more difficult for my brother.

His puny, under performing Lexus caps its towing capacity around 3,500 lbs while my mighty and beautiful INFINITI tugs 5,000 lbs without breaking a sweat. He can still move the boat, sure, but-and by his own admission-he feels more control while towing it with the INFINITI.

Challenge one goes to me.

Like Cousin Debra’s Couch

Cousin Debra loves everything 80s. 80s music, 80s hair, 80s furniture. She’s especially proud of a vintage, vinyl couch she has in this very specific and unsettling shade of purple. Looking at it hurts enough, to say nothing of sitting on it. Needless to say, when I told my brother that his Lexus sat like Cousin Debra’s couch, he was not amused.

The seats in my INFINITI (all 7 of them to the Lexus RX’s 5) not only look more comfortable, they boast downright superior comfort. Don’t get me wrong, the interior in his Lexus is nice for what it is, but it just looks a bit…formal. It’s about as stiff as a tuxedo 2 sizes too small.

The cabin in my INFINITI QX60 sprawls out beneath and behind my driver’s seat. With 3 rows of seating and the option to fold them flat for more cargo room, I can seat more people comfortably or reliably fill it with more stuff. Even my brother admitted that the sliding, 2nd row seats were a neat feature. At the flick of a handle, anyone can step up to the 3rd row. It would be especially helpful, he noted, for his new baby’s car seat.

Round 2 goes to the INFINITI.


My brother and I were more gracious when comparing safety features. Both SUVs have a host of technological gizmos aimed at preventing collision. I was especially impressed, however, with the INFINITI Safety Shield approach to preventing and mitigating collisions.

My INFINITI QX60 constantly scans the road in front of it at concentric distances, watching to help me avoid a collision when possible and to soften the damage when unavoidable.

Frankly, my brother and I can’t believe what automobiles have become. As childhood fans of The Jetsons reruns, we couldn’t be happier to be living in the future.

Winner, Winner, Nice Steak Dinner

Ultimately, my INFINITI QX60 won the day. From space to safety, cargo to comfort, whether we’re towing toddlers or trailers, my INFINITI reigned supreme. But it wasn’t just down to the specs.

I’ll admit, in the right light my brother’s Lexus looks alright. But my INFINITI sits high with a wide gait, its front grill and headlamps resembling a reef shark. My brother’s Lexus, on the other hand, looks an awful lot like a gar. And if you’ve never pulled a gar from the water at the lake, consider yourself fortunate.
Luckily for my brother, I’m as gracious in victory as I am in defeat. Though, you’d better believe I’m definitely ordering the most expensive steak on the menu.

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